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The Village Academy is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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When can my child start Primary School? 

Most children begin primary school at the start of the school year in which they reach school age (5 years old). All schools must provide for the admission of children from the September following their 4th birthday

A school year runs from September to the following August.  To check when your child can attend primary school, click on the link below:

Key dates for 2018 Year R admissions are as follows:

  • Deadline for applications: Monday 15th January 2018
  • National offer day: Monday 16th April 2018
  • Deadline for lodging appeals: Wednesday 16th May 2018

If your child is due to start primary, infant or junior school in 2018 you can appeal between 16 April and 16th May 2018 to guarantee that your appeal will be heard by 18th July 2018.

For applications made in the normal admission round, appeals must be heard within 40 school days of the deadline for lodging appeals. For late applications, appeals should be heard within 40 schools days from the deadline for lodging appeals where possible, or within 30 schools days of the appeals being lodged.

Kent County Council's admissions team can be contacted on 03000 416 789 for in-year places,
or 03000 416 111 for entry to primary school.

For advice call 03000 41 21 21 or email

For information about appealing for a primary school place, please visit to appeal an offer and also where you will find information and documentation regarding the process.

For further information, please see The Village Academy website for all our policies.