The Village Academy

The Village Academy is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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Children come to school to learn and develop as individuals; any behaviour by another that stops this happening is unacceptable.

Good behaviour is expected from all the children in our school. Care, consideration, politeness, co-operation, tolerance and mutual respect are the qualities that we seek to encourage and develop. Our school rules are simple and clear and all children are expected to comply with them.

Behaviour Policy & Principles for Pupils

Home School Agreement

Our Expectations

School Rules:
1. We respect other people and their belongings.
2. We always do our best and let others do their best.
3. We follow instructions the first time.
4. We keep our hands and our feet to ourselves.
5. We help take care of our school so that everyone can enjoy being here.

Playground Rules
 1. We keep our hands and feet to ourselves.
2. We show respect to staff and other children on our playground.
3. We do not interfere in other people’s games.
4. We include other children in our games.
5. We line up quietly and sensibly at the end of playtime.

We will not tolerate: bullying, fighting and kicking, teasing, name-calling, swearing, spitting, biting, answering back throwing objects dangerously, pushing on steps racist comments, climbing trees, fences, posts or bars.

Our Rules before School:
1. Once we are inside the gate we do not try to get out again.
2. We play sensibly and do not run, play ball games or use play equipment.

We believe that children need to take responsibility for their actions. Our discipline policy reflects this, placing a large emphasis on rewarding appropriate work and behaviour. Wherever possible we will involve parents in the reward process by sending home certificates, sending a ParentMail or a mentioning in the weekly Newsletter. 

Those children who choose to misbehave, by breaking the rules or stopping others from learning will face a series of clearly explained and escalating sanctions. Every classroom has a “happy” and “sad” side of the board- when a child behaves well or works particularly well their name is recorded on the “happy” side; conversely if they break a rule or behave inappropriately their name is recorded on the “sad” side. At the end of each day the board is wiped clean allowing for a fresh start.


If a sanction is needed, this procedure will be followed:

WARNING - a warning name on the ‘sad’ side of the board and a reminder of acceptable behaviour in addition to other positive classroom management strategies.

If the unacceptable behaviour persists;

ONE TICK by name - moved within the classroom. 
TWO TICKS by name - sent to another classroom with work for remainder of session.
THREE TICKS by name - sent to (Deputy) Headteacher to explain their actions and reflect on behaviour.

Three ticks can be given immediately for physical or verbal aggression (including swearing) towards other pupils or staff. The pupil will miss some or all of their play and a ‘red’ letter will be sent home. The class teacher will make every effort to inform the parents personally, either at the end of the day or by phone.

In extreme circumstances, for example if a child becomes a danger to themselves or others or if they persistently disrupt the education of other children we would have no hesitation in taking further measures over and above our normal behaviour policy. Such measures may include exclusion, temporary or permanent, for part or all of the school day.


We consider bullying to be repeated behaviour that makes others feel uncomfortable, threatened or distressed. This can be physical, verbal or emotional. Whilst occurrences in our school are extremely rare they are dealt with firmly, quickly and sensitively. The exact response would, of course, depend on the nature of the bullying however in all circumstance parents of the children concerned would be notified. We will take action to resolve any problem.

 Anti Bullying Policy