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If you would like the School Calendar events integrated and updated within your own calendar application you can set up a subscription.  The subscription works on the webcal / ical format and for those applications not covered below you may need to research how to setup your subscription.  If you are not following one of our guides you will need to copy and paste one of the links below at some point during the setup process:

Full Calendar:



Term Dates Only:



Please be aware any events detailed in your subscribed calendar will only be as current as the last time your calendar synced, therefore internet access and regular syncing (if your software allows you to control frequency) are required for the latest info.

Google Calendars & Android Devices

  • Click either: Subscribe to full calendar  or  Subscribe to term dates only
  • Login to your Google account if you haven't already.
  • Choose 'Yes, add this Calendar'.
  • The Calendar entries should be overlaid on your Google Calendar and it should be included under the 'My Calendar' list in the left hand bar on a desktop laptop.
  • If using on an android ensure calendar syncing is enabled on the device for the relevant gmail account.

Outlook 2010 (onwards) installed on Windows PC (not accessed via web - see below)

RSS Readers

  • Each reader works slightly differently so you will need to research your software's subscribe process.
  • Generally if your RSS function is built in to your web browser left click the orange RSS button, if your software is seperate right click on the icon, copy the link and paste into your software.
  • Full Calendar: Subscribe via RSS  or term dates only: Subscribe via RSS

Apple Devices (Iphones, Ipads, IMacs, Macbooks etc.)


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