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Year 2 - Cambodia


For Science, Year 2 became a Dr for the day. They became little scientists and used their knowledge and understanding of materials to answer a question in a real life context. They investigated all sorts of materials, discussed the properties of these materials and decided what they would best used for. One of the properties they looked at what durability. They then applied this new information and learning, to a problem. Here are some pictures of this process. 

            materials 1                     materials 2

KIC Theatre

Ian, our wonderful actor from KIC Theatre, joined Year 2 on an exciting voyage recently. With his box of tricks, Ian and Year 2, had a blast acting out the brilliant life of Christopher Columbus. As well as learning about the interesting topic, Year 2 also had a chance to develop their use of body movements, emotions, facial expressions and acting skills to demonstrate what they were learning. Year 2 had so much fun and can't wait for Ian to come back!

                                      kic theatre 1         kic 6


           kic 3kic 4kic 2


In Maths, Year 2 have been tackling the use of money. They have been learning to use coins (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p) as well as using notes too. They have participated in lots of activities involving money in order to embed this new learning. One of the activities they enjoyed was Miss Swindells Shop. This was their chance to apply their learning into context and real life situations. They were able to buy different products using their money. It was also a good opportunity for the children to learn about change too. 

     Money 1Money 2Money 3money 4

    Dymchurch Curriculum MapYear 2 - Madagascar
    Full English (Reading and Writing) and Maths curriculum details can be found in the Docs tab above
    Term 1 & 2Term 3 & 4Term 5 & 6
    TOPICExplorersAnimalsTravel and Tourism
    Science  Every day Materials  Every day Materials  Plants
     Animals inc Humans
    Living Things
    Geography Use aerial photographs - use landmarks. Devise simple maps, using symbols in keys. Use simple fieldwork, observational skills to study geography of the school and surrounding environment. Compare similarities and differences with UK and non-European country

    Key physical features, beach, cliff, coast, forest, hill, mountain, sea, ocean, river, soil, valley, vegetation, season and weather.

    Use world maps, atlases and globes to identify the UK and its countries and the continents.

     Name, locate and identify characteristics of countries and capital cities of UK and surrounding seas, weather patterns in UK and hot and cold countries.
    History Christopher Columbus, Sir Walter Raleigh, Captain Cook
     Dinosaurs Changes in living memory - train/bike/seaside holidays/transport


    Parables, Good Samaritan, Lost Sheep, Lost Coin, Great Feast, Talents, Two builders





    Church in the community



    Symbols & Celebrations

    Holi day; Diwali



    Believing in one god; Story of main gods and godesses


    Living a Moral Life

    Stories with a moral and examples in everyday life


    Construction - paper packaging

    Taste and talk

    Food - Breading, flouring, mixing, stirring, sieving, sprinkling, understanding healthy food dishes
    Food - shaping, cutting, kneading, rolling, spreading

    Food - breading, flouring, tearing, squashing, mashing

    Textiles - glue fabrics together and decorate fabrics with beads, sequins, cross stitch

    Mechanisms - models with wheels and axles


    Digital - Paint programme

    Textiles - weaving paper and strips of fabric

    Drawing - from experience, line and tone

    3D - clay work using hands

    Printing - hand printing

    Painting - ready mixed, change consistency, using glue, sand, water etc

    Textiles - cross stitch

    PE  Handball & Gymnastics
    Multi Skills & Gymnastics  Basketball & Dance
     Multi Skills inc Hockey & Tag Rugby
    Multi Skills (inc invasion games) & Mini Tennis
    Athletics inc skipping & Rounders
    Music Singing / Performing - sing with a sense of melody, perform simple repeating patterns
    Appraising - recognise the different musical elements in isolation and see they can be used to create moods
    Composing - choose and organise sounds, represent sounds with symbols

     Unit 2.1

    Programming on screen

    Unit 2.2

    Exploring how computer games work

     Unit 2.3

    Taking, selecting and editing digital images

    Unit 2.4

    Researching a topic

    Unit 2.5

    Communicating clues

    Unit 2.6

    Recording bug hunt data
    PSHE  New beginnings
     Say no to bullying
     Good to be me
    Getting on & falling out
     Going for goals
     Relationship Changes
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