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Year 3 - Egypt

Year 3 Art Week

Year 3 had a fantastic week of colour and creativity when we studied the work of a Great Abstract Artist- Wassily Kandinsky. We discovered that he used music to inspire his paintings and that he was the first artist to paint not what he saw, but what he felt when he looked at the world. Comp 1Comp 2

We carefully considered our compositions and learnt how to layout our work on a page to get the best effect. We think the effects are amazing!

Montage 1sMontage 2sMontage 3sMontage 4sMontage 5sMontage 6s


Harvest Festival

The children put on an excellent performance inspired by the way Ancient Egyptians celebrated their Harvest. They celebrated in Spring, and thanked the God of vegetation and soil for all they received. Did you know, farmer's used to cry and wail over their cut corn, to make the spirits who lived in the corn believe they were sorry to cut it down? 

We were very proud of all the children taking part!

image 1

Science Week- Light

Our topic for Science Week this term was Light. We had a brilliant week of new learning, and lots of hands-on experiments. The children took part in experiments to find out which materials were the most reflective and why.

image 2

We had fun with mirrors, exploring why an image can appear to be reversed as the light bounces off the mirror and into our eyes...

image 3

image 4


Did you know light can only travel in straight lines? We tested this using torches. We also drew each other's shadows and found out what happens to a shadow when a light source moves closer or further away from an object.

image 6

image 7


We also used sun sensitive paper to create our own 'photographs' using natural opaque and translucent objects. The shadows created white areas not reached by the suns rays. The results are beautiful!

image 8

image 9image 10

Speed Stacking

Year 3 were lucky enough to take part in a fantastic speed stacking workshop with Shepway Sports Trust. Children built their skills in hand eye co-ordination whilst having lots of fun and some competitive races.

image 1

imag 2

image 3



Slide to the left, slide to the right...criss cross!

Healthy Kids Roadshow

Year 3 were lucky enough to take part in a fantastic Healthy Kids Roadshow this term. We learnt all about the different food groups- carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

healthy 1We found out which food contained good fats and which contained bad fats...did you know avocados are a great source of healthy fat?

healthy 3The children learnt which exercises are best for burning energy, which are best for building strength and which exercises give our brains a workout too!

healthy 2

As part of the Healthy Kids roadshow, all parents are invited to sign up for a free 7 day program that includes nutritional meal plans and an easy to follow exercise plan:


Term 2 Homework

Homework 1

Homework 2

Times Table Practice

Over half term, please try to practise your times tables. These are a very important part of your maths learning! They can be made more fun by using one of these interactive online games to help you to learn:

Hit the Button:

Primary Homework Help:

Image result for times table clip art

Term 1 Homework


Research more about Hedgehogs

In English this term we are reading ‘The Hodgeheg’ by Dick King-Smith. Clever hedgehog Max heads out on an adventure to cross the road safely. What more can you find out about hedgehogs?

Areas to research:

-What do hedgehogs eat?

-Where do they like to live?

-What are they like as babies?

-What dangers do hedgehogs face?

Maybe you’ve seen a hedgehog near your home and have a story to tell!

You could make:

A fact-file

A poster

A PowerPoint

Or something completely different!

Make a 3D Egypt Model

We are learning about Ancient Egypt in our Topic lessons this term. We will be finding out lots about how Egyptian people lived and all about their Gods, Kings and Queens.

It would be fantastic to display some of your 3D Models in school.

Ideas for 3D Models could include:

-A pyramid

-A sphinx

-A mummy

-An Egyptian house

Ask an adult to help you with any cutting and sticking!

Write a story of your choice

This is a chance for you to write a story about whatever you choose. You might be inspired by our class book ‘The Hodgeheg’, our art book ‘The Dot’ or something you did in the summer holidays- the choice is yours.

Make sure that you:

-Check your capital letters, full stops and spellings carefully

-Use exciting sentence openers and adjectives

-Plan each sentence before you begin to write it down

I look forward to reading your stories!

Plan and carry out a Science Experiment at home

In Science this term we will be learning all about light. Can you plan, carry out and record the results of your own Science experiment at home?

Here are some ideas to get you started:

-Which objects in your home reflect light? Which don’t? Can you find out why?

-Shine a torch at an object- how is the shadow formed?

- One of these experiments:

Make sure you check with an adult before carrying out experiments!

You could make:

An information sheet

A notebook with photos, discoveries and drawings

A poster

Or whatever you choose to present your findings!

I Love Art!

Our topic is Ancient Egypt. Have a look at the art of Ancient Egypt- can you create your own artwork inspired by history?

Egyptian art often featured the Egyptian Gods, Kings and Queens as these were very important to Egyptian people. What is important to you that you could add to your Egyptian picture?

You could create:

-A painting

-A drawing in black and white

-A colouring

-A collage

Enjoy creating your own art!

Free choice

What interests you?

What would you like to find out more about?

Do you have a question about the world around you that you would like to answer?

Perhaps you are an expert on something and you would like to share your knowledge with your teachers and classmates?

How you research and present this is completely up to you.

I look forward to finding out more about your interests!


    Dymchurch Curriculum MapYear 3 - Egypt
    Full English (Reading and Writing) and Maths curriculum details can be found in the Docs tab above
    Term 1 & 2Term 3 & 4Term 5 & 6
    TOPICMaking a MarkNatural EnvironmentCountries & Continents
    Science  Light  Rocks  Forces & Magnets
     Animals  Plants
    Geography Points of a compass, grid references, symbols, keys linked to UK

    Geographical similarities and differences of UK, European countries and North or South America.

    Physical geography: climate zones, biomes, vegetation belts, mountains, water cycle

    Worlds countries - focus on Europe, North & South America, environmental regions, countries and major cities.

    Countries and cities of UK. Hills, mountains, coasts and rivers of UK. Land use patterns and how this has changed over time

    History The achievements of the earliest civilisations - Ancient Egypt.
    Non-European society - Benin (West Africa)

     A local history study

    Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age



    The Torah,

    Life of Moses: Burning bush, Plagues, 10 Commandments


    Inspired by Jesus, Bartimaeus, Jairus, Zacchaes, Levi



    Jesus and his Teachings; Unforgiving Servant: Mustard seed/kingdom of heaven, workers in vineyard, sower, prodigal son


    Rules make society, Sermn n the Mount, The new commandment, Examples of Jesus



    Life of Muhammad, 99 names of Allah, Qur'an, Islamic Calligraphy


    Living a Moral Life

    Stories with a moral and examples in everyday life

    DT  Textiles - sew fabrics together

    Mechanisms - pneumatics

    Construction - card, art straws, pipe cleaner modelling

     Food - Cleaning, hygiene, cuting using small knife and scissors, beating, folding, greasing, lining tins, whisking with fork, understanding healthy foods, taste and talk

    Printing - rubbings, stencils

    Drawing - Charcoal

    Drawing - observation sketching, different pencil grades, shade and tone

    Digital - photography

    Painting - water colour, large and small paintbrushes

    Drawing - observation sketching, different pencil grades, shade and tone

    3D - environmental sculpture

    PE Handball & Swimming
     Multi-Skills (inc foot skills and pop lacrosse) and Gymnastics
    Basketball & Dance
     Hockey & Gymnastics
    Tag Rugby & Mini Tennis
     Athletics & Rounders / Kwik Cricket
    Music Singing / Performing - sing in tune with expression
    Composing - improvise repeated patterns and combine layers of sounds, percussion and tuned instruments
     Appraising - recognise that musical elements can be combined and used expressively

     Unit 3.1

    Programming an animation

    Unit 3.2

    Finding and correcting bugs in programmes

    Unit 3.3

    Videoing a performance

    Unit 3.4

    Exploring computer networks, including the internet

     Unit 3.5

    Communicating safely on the internet

     Unit 3.1

    Collecting and analysing data

    PSHE  New beginnings
     Say no to bullying
     Good to be me
    Getting on and falling out
     Going for goals
     Relationship changes
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