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As part of the National Curriculum children in KS2 are required to learn compulsory lists of spellings. These words are generally ones which are used often or may be tricky to spell. It is expected that all children will be able to spell these words by the time they leave Dymchurch, in Year 6.

KS 1 children do not have a list of compulsory spellings - they are expected however to know how to read words through the use of phonic systems (GPC - Grapheme Phoneme Correspondence.) By the end of Year 1, pupils should be able to read a large numbere of different words containing the GPCs that they have learnt, whether or not they have seen these words before. Additionally there are lists of high frequency words that on beginning Year 3 children should be able to recognise and spell.

First 100 high frequency words (frequency order reading down the columns)

 (Taken from

the that not look put
and with then don’t could
a all were come house
to we go will old
said can little into too
in are as back by
he up no from day
I had mum children made
of my one him time
it her them Mr I’m
was what do get if
you there me just help
they out down now Mrs
on this dad came called
she have big oh here
is went when about off
for be it’s got asked
at like see their saw
his some looked people make
but so very your an

Next 200 high frequency words

water find live fun better
away more say place hot
good I’ll soon mother sun
want round night sat across
over tree narrator boat gone
how magic small window hard
did shouted car sleep floppy
man us couldn’t feet really
going other three morning wind
where food head queen wish
would fox king each eggs
or through town book once
took way I’ve its please
school been around green thing
think stop every different stopped
home must garden let ever
who red fast girl miss
didn’t door only which most
ran right many inside cold
know sea laughed run park
bear these let’s any lived
can’t began much under birds
again boy suddenly hat duck
cat animals told snow horse
long never another air rabbit
things next great trees white
new first why bad coming
after work cried tea he’s
wanted lots keep top river
eat need room eyes liked
everyone that’s last fell giant
our baby jumped friends looks
two fish because box use
has gave even dark along
yes mouse am grandad plants
play something before there’s dragon
take bed gran looking pulled
thought may clothes end we’re
dog still tell than fly
well found key best grow

Word List for Years 3 and 4

accident(ally) early knowledge purpose
actual(ly) earth learn quarter
address eight/eighth length question
answer enough library recent
appear exercise material regular
arrive experience medicine reign
believe experiment mention remember
bicycle extreme minute sentence
breath famous natural separate
breathe favourite naughty special
build February notice straight
busy/business forward(s) occasion(ally) strange
calendar fruit often strength
caught grammar opposite suppose
centre group ordinary surprise
century guard particular therefore
certain guide peculiar though/although
circle heard perhaps thought
complete heart popular through
consider height position various
continue history possess(ion) weight
decide imagine possible woman/women
describe increase potatoes  
different important pressure  
difficult interest probably  
disappear island promise  

Word List for Years 5 and 6

accommodate embarrass persuade
accompany environment physical
according equip (–ped, –ment) prejudice
achieve especially privilege
aggressive exaggerate profession
amateur excellent programme
ancient existence pronunciation
apparent explanation queue
appreciate familiar recognise
attached foreign recommend
available forty relevant
average frequently restaurant
awkward government rhyme
bargain guarantee rhythm
bruise harass sacrifice
category hindrance secretary
cemetery identity shoulder
committee immediate(ly) signature
communicate individual sincere(ly)
community interfere soldier
competition interrupt stomach
conscience* language sufficient
conscious* leisure suggest
controversy lightning symbol
convenience marvellous system
correspond mischievous temperature
criticise (critic + ise) muscle thorough
curiosity necessary twelfth
definite neighbour variety
desperate nuisance vegetable
determined occupy vehicle
develop occur yacht
dictionary opportunity  
disastrous parliament  
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