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In previous years, you will have received your child’s National Curriculum level such as 2A or 4C for example. However, with the implementation of the New National Curriculum in September 2014, children are no longer assessed in levels. The National Curriculum sets out clear programmes of study for each year group and children progress through these within the year, typically moving from Beginning to Working Within to Secure within their year group. Pupils who achieve particularly well are expected to develop a greater mastery and understanding of concepts and ideas around the programme of study rather than moving into the following year group’s learning. However, for this year’s Year 2 and 6, they will continue to be assessed in levels under the previous National Curriculum. They will not begin the new National Curriculum until September 2015 . We are still required to track and report pupil progress.

A Parent Guide to the New National Curriculum can be found here:

National Curriculum Parents Guide

Here you can find the home of the guide with if you would prefer just the sections relevant to your child's year group:

Below are two guides (pdf format) to help you understand how your child is measured in the key subjects English and Maths.

If you have any specific questions or concerns regarding your child's progress, please make an appointment with their teacher.

Understanding Progress in English

Understanding Progress in Maths

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