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No Headlice       Headlice Comb

The dreaded headlice can strike at any time and as we all know they can be tricky to clear so hopefully the tips listed below will be useful should you find yourself or your child/children afflicted.

  • Headlice, or nits as they are often called, love clean hair so anyone who does have headlice is not “dirty”.
  • The “nits” that we see are actually the discarded egg casings. The live lice can be tricky to spot, especially in dark hair.
  • Headlice cannot fly. They are spread by close contact between heads so do ensure that long hair is securely tied back and not swinging freely ready for those headlice to crawl onto.
  • You can buy special treatments at the chemist if you need to treat headlice, however these are expensive and the combing method outlined below should be just as, if not more, effective, provided you keep it up.

Buy several bottles of the cheapest conditioner you can find. Supermarket budget ranges or pound shop conditioners are ideal.
Apply generous amounts of the conditioner to freshly washed hair.
Comb the conditioned hair thoroughly with a WIDE TOOTHED COMB to remove any tangles – this way you won’t hurt your child or yourself when you use the nit comb.
Using a special very fine toothed nit comb, comb the hair section by section from the scalp to the very end. You must use a Nit Comb, even the finest toothed ordinary comb you have at home will not do the job.
Ensure that you start right against the scalp and that you cover the whole head section by section. Remember to clear the comb of any lice or eggs after every stroke.
Repeat this every third day for 2 weeks, so days 3,6,9,12 and 15 . This clears young lice as they hatch. Remember to treat every member of the family at the same time.
Keep free of headlice by using the above method weekly once any outbreak has been cleared.

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