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The Village Academy is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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Welcome to Turtle Class - Year 4 



Image result for turtleOn this page you will find information about Turtle class, including the homework set and  gentle reminders for up and coming events. There are also weekly updates about what happens in class! 

Home Learning

Dear Parents/Carers

Each week I will be uploading a timetable of activities for your child to complete at home. I have tried to follow the structure of a normal school day as closely as possible to allow you to maintain a familiar routine whilst learning from home. These activities include spellings, guided reading, English and maths. There will also be a 'wider curriculum' activity for your child to work on during the afternoons. 

A new timetable will be available on this page every Monday morning for the school week ahead. Please contact me via the office email if you have any questions or would like to share your child's learning. 

Kind Regards, Miss McKay

Week Commencing 29/06/2020

Hello Turtle Class!

Turtles Home Learning

Week Commencing 08/06/2020

Hello Turtle Class!

Below are your suggested activities for the week. Enjoy!

Turtles Home Learning Week 9

Guided Reading ERIC

Maths 5 a Day and Rapid Reasoning

Week Commencing 01/06/2020

Hello Turtle Class!

Below are your suggested activities for the week. Enjoy!

Turtles Home Learning Week 8

Week Commencing 18/05/2020

Hello Turtle Class!

Below are your suggested activities for the week. Enjoy!

Turtles Home Learning Week 7

Guided Reading ERIC

Maths 5 a Day and Rapid Reasoning

Maths Monday Sheet and Friday Jigsaw

English Newspaper Template

Science Instructions

Week Commencing 11/05/2020

Hello Turtle Class!

Below is your suggested activities for this week. 

Please remember, you can send pictures of any home learning you complete to the school office and it will be passed onto me. 

Have a great week and enjoy the sunshine!

Miss McKay

Turtles Home Learning Week 6

Guided Reading ERIC

Maths 5 a Day and Rapid Reasoning

Maths Sheet 1 and Sheet 2

Example Family Tree

Geography Information and Sheet

Week Commencing 04/05/2020


Turtles Home Learning Week 5

Guided Reading ERIC

Maths 5 a Day and  Rapid Reasoning 

Maths Fraction Maze and Stained Glass Fractions sheets

Geography Sheet

Reading Home Learning

Please see the link below for free access to ebooks which follow our school reading scheme.  The log in details have been sent to you via parentmail but you can also email us if you need them sent to you again.  Some of the books also come with activities for the children to do also.  Have fun reading!

Week Commencing 27/04/2020


Turtles Home Learning Week 4

Guided Reading ERIC

Maths 5 a Day

Maths Rapid Reasoning

Week commencing 20/04/2020


Turtles Home Learning Timetable Week 3

Guided Reading ERIC

Maths 5 a Day

Maths Rapid Reasoning

Anglo Saxon Home Research

RE Leaf Template

Additional Resources





Science is a good place for quick activities. Every day there is a new picture along with reading, writing and art activities. is a great place for educational games, particularly maths. offer 3 daily lessons covering maths, English and the wider curriculum. 

Curriculum Information.

You can see our Year 4 Curriculum Map here. It explains the different topics we cover throughout the year.

You can view our Curriculum Guarantee hereThis document shows some of the wonderful things Year 4 children will experience at Dymchurch Primary School! 

Term 4 - Anglo-Saxons

You can find out about our Term 4 topic 'Anglo-Saxons' here.

Please note that PE will continue to take place on Monday mornings. Children should have a full PE kit in school every Monday; ear rings must be taped up or removed during the lesson.

We will also be swimming in Hythe on Wednesday mornings. Please ensure that the children arrive promptly as the coach will leave school at 8:50 in order to arrive at the pool in time.  

Thank you for your support,

Miss McKay, Mrs Ritson and Mrs Gibbs

Learning in Turtle Class

Term 3 Week 2

What a busy week!

This week, Turtle Class have been revising how to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. We have also moved onto finding a fraction of an amount. 

In English, we have begun writing our newspaper reports about a volcanic eruption in Italy. We have been focusing on using time connectives to add detail to our writing. 

In topic, we have been learning about the structure of the Earth. We have learnt about each layer of the Earth's core, and have created models to help us remember. 

We have had two different visitors this week. Our first visit came from Metro Bank, who talked to us about money and banks. We learned where and how we can keep our money safe, and why it was so important to do so. 

Our second visit was a yoga instructor. She took us on an amazing journey through space, teaching us lots of different yoga poses along the way. We had so much fun!


Term 3 Week 1

This week, Turtle Class have begun learning about fractions. We have learned to recognise equivalent fractions and convert between improper fractions (top heavy fractions) and mixed numbers. 


In English, we have begun learning about newspaper articles. We have learned the features that should appear in a newspaper article and have started learning our model text. 


In Science, we have begun our work on States of Matter. We started our unit by learning about the properties of solids, liquids and gases. We had lots of fun roleplaying the particle structures of each state!



Week 5

One of our favourite activities this week was visiting Year R. Every Friday, we visit Year R and read their favourite books with them. We have such a wonderful time with them and look forward to it every week!

This week, we were lucky enough to have a visit from Littlestone Golf Club. They taught us how to use golf clubs, and we enjoyed the carousel of activities designed to test the accuracy of our skills. 

In Science, we have now finished learning about the human digestive system. We particularly enjoyed last weeks lesson in which we made a model of the stomach to help us understand how it helps us digest food.