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The Village Academy is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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Welcome to Reception!

Learning at home - Term 3


The weekly 'Learning at home' timetable can now be found on the 'EYFS/KS1' page. This can be accessed through the drop down menu on the 'Home Learning' tab. 


Useful links can be found below:

Phonics Play (Username: dymchurch, Password: dymchurch)

Oxford Owl (Free to setup a parent account) 

Top Marks (No account needed)

BBC School Radio (No account needed)

Cosmic Kids Yoga (Most material free to access)

Out of this World!

We are very excited to welcome you back after the Christmas break. This term we will be learning about Space. Attached you can find our Topic map - our learning will be quite literally 'Out of this World!'



Learning at home - Term 2

If your child is self-isolating, please access daily Maths, Writing and Topic learning on Tapestry. 

Please find daily Phonics lessons below. 

'qu' 14.12.2020

'x' 15.12.2020

'ng' 16.12.2020

'nk' 17.12.2020

Are we there yet?

Week 6

Clownfish performed their Christmas play, 'Little Angel Gets Her Wings'. They all tried really hard to learn their parts and their performance on filming day was fantastic! In maths, we have been talking about heavy and light and we have used balance scales to compare packages delivered by The Jolly Postman. As well as writing Christmas cards to take home, we have also been writing letters and notes to post in our role play post office. 

We hope all our Clownfish pupils and their families have a magical, safe Christmas and we look forward to seeing you all again in 2021!

Week 5

This week, Clownfish have been getting into the festive spirit! We learnt about Advent and that it is the countdown to Christmas. We decorated our classroom and have been practising using the words long and longer to describe the paper chains we made. We have also been writing letters to tell Santa what we would like for Christmas - we have all been very good this year! We read the book 'The Jolly Christmas Postman' and have been writing our own letters and posting them at the post office (in our classroom role-play area). 

In Phonics, Mrs Goodeal's group has been reading and writing the sounds r, j, v, y and w. Miss Reynold's group revisited the sounds m, a and s. 

Week 4

Clownfish have had fun reading 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell and 'The Dark' by Lemony Snicket, in which Bill and Laszlo are scared of the dark. We talked about what scares us and we shared our ideas. We also explored making shadow puppets and a shadow theatre using Duplo and paper - the dark is useful sometimes! We also discovered that you can change the size a shadow by moving closer or further from the light.

In maths, we have been counting on to find 'one more' within numbers to 10. In Phonics, Mrs Goodeal's group have been learning the sounds f, e, l, h and the digraph sh, whilst Mr McCoy's group have been learning the digraphs ay, ee, igh, ow and oo. 


Week 3

In Clownfish class, we have noticed it is getting darker and colder outside. We have been talking about night & day and light & dark. We read the story 'Night Monkey, Day Monkey' and noticed what is different at night time. We have also began learning about length so that we can measure our own shadows next week. In Phonics, Mrs Goodeal's group have been reading the sounds o, c, k, u and b and they have been practising blending. Mr McCoy’s Phonics group have been practising reading the sounds sh, ch, th in words and sentences. Please remember to re-visit sounds and read books regularly at home as it helps the children to remember and build fluency. 

Next week, you will receive a message letting you know what role your child will have in our Christmas production. 


Week 2

Last week we had a brilliant week preparing for and celebrating Diwali! We made cards, diva lamps, rangoli and mehndi patterns. We tasted new foods (some were a bit spicy!) and we dressed in saris. In maths, we used 2D shapes to make rangoli patterns and some of us can now identify hexagons and octagons. In phonics we re-visited the sounds t, i, n, p and g. Mr McCoy's group have been reading words with ch, sh and th.


Week 1

This week, Clownfish have been learning about Bonfire night. We thought of and recorded words to describe fireworks - pop, bang, fizz, jumpy. We also used paint to create our own firework art. In Maths, we have been using 2D shapes to build firework rockets. We also began talking about Remembrance and we made poppies for the people we remember. 

Mrs Goodeal's group revisited the sounds m, a, s and d in Phonics this week. Mr McCoy's group learnt the new sounds u, l, r and j.



Week 7

Clownfish have enjoyed reading 'Handa's Surprise' by Eileen Browne this week. Handa and her friend, Akeyo, live in Kenya. We found Kenya on a globe and used an atlas to find out about the animals and people that live there. Maasai people wear shuka and dance to percussion music, so we dressed up in scarves and made our own music to dance to. We used the same fruit as in the story to practise counting. 

We have also enjoyed baking pumpkin gingerbread. Clownfish helped measure the ingredients and enjoyed mixing them together. We tasted various ingredients and smelt the spices. We've uploaded the recipe on Tapestry so you can make them at home!

In Phonics this week, we have learnt e, l, h and r and we are starting to use our sounds to read and write.


Week 6

This week, Clownfish have used their senses to explore Autumn. We've looked at the changing colours; have felt the spikey husks; and have listened to the crunch as we walk on dry leaves. We have also tasted Harvest foods like corn, oats, blackberries and walnuts. We enjoyed making our own autumn collections during Fridays walk and we were excited to film our Harvest assembly too. In Phonics we have learnt the sounds c, k, u, b and f. 


Week 5

This week, Clownfish had their first PE lesson - it was brilliant! We moved in different ways and practised stopping like a bubble. We continued to learn new Phonics sounds and can now read i, n, p, g and o. We brought home our first bookbag book this week and have been telling stories to our adults. We are also confident reading and making groups to 5. We continued talking about our families and even built our homes; apparently Elsa and CJ both live in an igloo! This is Dulcie's 3D shape tower and this is Tate's tent.


Week 4

We ate our lunch at school this week; we particularly enjoyed yesterday's chicken nuggets and chips! We began learning Phonics and can now recognise the sounds m, a, s and d - you could practise these at home. We have also been talking and writing about ourselves and our families. This is Mika painting her Mum and here is our completed paper doll chain showing our whole class family! 


Week 3

This week Clownfish have been exploring Dymchurch school. We visited the hall where we will eat lunch next week; we read a story in the library; we waved at the adults in the offices; and we even ventured upstairs to see where the big children do their learning. We talked about making good choices in school and the children in Clownfish made their own class rules. We had a great time making our own paper doll chain - 'The Paper Dolls' by Julia Donaldson is one of our favourite stories! 


Week 2

Clownfish have had another brilliant week at school. Jorgie and Rhyia enjoyed role playing in the home corner and Elsa and Harry built a marble run from junk modelling. We read the story 'The Paper Dolls' and next week we are going to make our own paper doll chain including all the children in Clownfish class.


Week 1

Clownfish have had a fantastic first week at school. We explored our new classroom and have played outside. We particularly enjoyed junk modelling, water play and reading stories together. See you all again next week!


A very warm welcome to all our little ones and their families starting Dymchurch Primary School this September! We hope you have had a wonderful Summer break and we look forward to embarking on this next adventure with you. Below you will find some information to help you through this transition period including updated details of our ‘Stay & Play’ induction sessions and part-time entry as well as other important information about Clownfish class.



‘Stay & Play’ Induction Period

On arrival, you and your child will be met by myself and Miss. Maynard at the Early Years entrance - this is the gate you will be familiar with if you have previously visited the Children’s Centre or Sunshine & Showers Nursery. Parents can accompany their child into Clownfish classroom to help them settle if needed. Mrs. Cooper, our school FLO, will also be present to answer questions and arrange home visit appointments. Children should be collected from these gates at the end of the session. ‘Stay & Play’ sessions will take place from 1:30 to 3:00pm on:

Monday 7th September

Wednesday 9th September

Friday 11th September

Monday 14th September

Wednesday 16th September

Friday 18th September

Part-time Transition Period

In the week commencing Monday 21st September, children will attend school from 9.00am to 12.00pm. On arrival, children will say goodbye at the gate; parents will no longer be able to escort children to the classroom.

In the week commencing Monday 28th September, children will attend school from 8.45 to 1.45pm and will eat their lunch in school.

From Monday 5th October until the end of term, children will attend school full time, from 8.45am to 3.05pm. During this time, we will begin PE lessons and children will start bringing reading books home.

To keep our school COVID-secure, we ask that parents do not drop-off or pick-up from the school office during the induction or transition period.


Home visits

Home visits are an opportunity for us to answer questions and meet your child in a familiar environment. Usually we would arrange to visit you at home but this year appointments will be by phone or video chat. These will be with myself and Mrs. Cooper (our Family Liaison Officer) and will take place on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons during induction (8th, 10th, 15th and 17th September). You will be invited to sign up to an appointment when you drop-off/pick-up on your first ‘Stay & Play’ session.


School Uniform


A white polo shirt (with or without the school logo).

A grey skirt, pinafore or trousers to be worn with socks, tights or leggings.

A blue school jumper or cardigan (with or without the school logo).

A pair of black school shoes.

In the summer, a blue/white gingham dress may be worn.


A white polo shirt (with or without logo).

A pair of grey shorts or trousers.

A blue school jumper (with or without the school logo).

A pair of black school shoes.


Children should have access to a waterproof coat (even in the summer!) and a pair of wellies (which can be left in school). You may wish to send spare clothes in, to be kept in school in case of accidents. 

Children may wear a small watch and one pair of stud earrings to school. All long hair must be tied back. Make-up should not be worn at school. Your child does not need to bring a backpack or pencil case to school in Reception as children are given a book-bag on their first day of school; this should be brought to school everyday.


 Our classroom

Please watch the video below with you child to familiarise them with their new classroom.

Our classroom and outside area are organised into different areas, to reflect the ‘Areas of Learning’ outlined in the Early Years Framework. Our environment will grow with the children, with different challenges introduced every week to reflect the children’s development and interests. Every term we will explore a different topic – you will receive a topic map at the start of each term letting you know what to expect!  





All Reception children are entitled to hot school lunches and a daily fruit snack, free of charge. Milk is provided free of charge until children turn 5. Water is always available in school, though we recommend children bring their own water bottle.

Your child may prefer to bring a healthy packed lunch, if so please practice opening boxes and packaging; please do not overfill their lunch box as too much food can be distressing; you may wish to let your child help you pack their lunch so that they know what is inside.

You can help your child prepare for school by sitting to a table at meal times and encouraging them to use a knife to cut and a fork to eat their food.


Reading and Home learning

To keep everybody safe and minimise the amount of paper being sent from/to school, we will no longer be sending home reading diaries or home learning books. Instead we will communicate with you via Tapestry and here on our class page.

'Love-to-Learn' home learning will be communicated to you weekly via Tapestry. We ask that you complete this at home and send in photographs or videos via Tapestry while we endeavour to minimise the exchange of paper at the present time. Don’t worry though, in Reception we love talking about what we get up to at home and sharing photographs on the big interactive whiteboard in the classroom!

When children start attending school full-time, we will begin sending reading books home. On return to school, these will be quarantined before being sent home to another family to minimise the risk of spreading COVID. To supplement home reading, you can borrow additional eBooks from the Oxford Owl Library – we will let you know which band your child is reading. 



We have PE every Friday, beginning on Friday 9th October (the first Friday children attend school full-time). Due to current circumstances, we ask that children come to school wearing their PE kit, instead of changing in school. PE kits can no longer be stored in school. Our school PE kit comprises of:

A plain white or school logo T-shirt with a school cardigan, jumper or fleece.

Plain black or blue shorts, black leggings or jogging bottoms.

Plimsolls or trainers.

Jewellery (including earrings) must not be worn on PE days.

It is still important that your child learns to dress independently; over the course of the year we ask that you support and encourage your child to achieve this.   


Further Information

Attached, please find the Early Year’s curriculum, our Curriculum Guarantee and our Overview. Throughout the year, children will have the opportunity to engage with and explore a variety of activities that encourage development in each of the seven ‘Areas of Learning’. Children need to meet the Early Learning Goal in each area at the end of the academic year in order to achieve a ‘Good Level of Development’. Each term, we will send home a Topic Map to keep you informed and so that you can support your child’s learning at home.

We know that a child starting school can be a worrying time, particularly so in current circumstances. Please know we are here is support you through it. We are here at the start and end of every day, so please pop in to see us. Alternatively, you can ring to the school office or send us a message on Tapestry and we will do our best to help.

Additional information can be found in the 2020 Reception Induction ppt. here.

We look forward to welcoming you on Monday 7th September. Stay safe!


Mrs. Goodeal & Miss. Maynard