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MetroBank visit - Money! Money! Money!

On Monday 3rd February and Tuesday 4th February, KS2 visited Ashford Library and Metro Bank Ashford. During our visit to the library, we enjoyed relaxing with a good book and exploring all the different types of book on offer.

Our visit to Metro Bank was really exciting! We were greeted by Builiyana and her colleagues at the main desk, where we learned about the tellers role. We learned that this is where we would go to take money out of our accounts because we’re too young to have bank cards.  We were shown the special machine that is used to pay money in and out of people’s bank accounts.

At the bank there was a coin counting machine. This is where you go to change your money box coins into notes. You put your money in the top, and the machine sorts and counts how much money you put in! We each got to put a penny into the machine to see how it works!

One of our favourite parts of the trip was visiting the secure deposit box vault.  The room is filled with different sized boxes in which people place valuable things they want to be stored at the bank. There is also a special room in the vault that has no cameras – this is where you go to open your box in private.

We learned that the secure deposit box room is secured by a very heavy vault door that can only be opened by staff during the day – nobody, even staff, is allowed to open the door overnight! We learned that the secure deposit boxes need two keys to open them. In groups, we were given a key and told to find and open the right box. Inside we found a sweet surprise!

At the end of the visit, we even got to meet MetroMan! It was a great morning; it was an interesting trip and we all learned lots! Thank you very much to everyone at Metro Bank Ashford and Ashford Library for letting us visit!