The Village Academy

The Village Academy is a group of town, city and village schools that have joined together to provide the very best education for the children in our care and where we believe that education is very much a matter of the individual.

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Severe Weather

During periods of Adverse and Severe Weather - every effort will be made to keep the school open, even if it is only limited numbers of pupils.

However we may close due to “unavoidable” circumstances if it is no longer safe for staff or pupils to be onsite.

We will be considering the following:

  • Is the school building accessible?
  • Are pedestrian routes on the school grounds passable?
  • Is there means to clear these routes, e.g. salt/grit?
  • Can priority be made in respect to slopes, steps or ramps, or can these areas be restricted from use?
  • Can the Headteacher gain enough teaching and/or supervisory staff to operate safely?
  • The emphasis will be to operate safely, not whether a full or normal curriculum can be followed.
  • There are no supervisor ratios for non-teaching periods. Internal management will decide staffing numbers depending on risk and by considering the type of pupils (age, behaviour, disabilities) and the type of activity they are doing.
  • Is the school appropriately heated?
  • Is there enough fuel for the day?
  • Are water systems working appropriately?
  • Is it possible to restrict outside play to limit the snow/ice becoming compacted, and therefore more dangerous.

When (if) bad weather strikes we will do our best to send you a text message or Parent Mail notification and post on the School website / Facebook page where possible; informing you of the situation.

You can also go online to see if school is closed ( or visit KMFM, BBC Radio Kent and Heart FM.


KMFM Ashford 107.6 fm
Canterbury, Whitstable and Herne Bay 106.0 fm

105.6 fm


100.4/107.9 fm

Shepway & Whitecliffs Country 96.4 / 106.8 fm
Thanet 107.2
West Kent 96.2 / 101.6 fm
BBC RADIO KENT 96.7 / 104.2 fm
HEART FM (Formerly Invicta) 103.1 / 102.8

Visit for more information about gritting routes and other KCC closures.

Should the weather turn really bad during the day to such an extent that conditions become unsafe, early closure may be necessary.

In such circumstances the school will register their closure online at (you can register for alerts direct here also) and again text/mail parents to alert them that they need to collect their children. In the event of a closure may we suggest visiting the BBC or websites for home learning resources to support children’s learning while the school is closed at