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At Dymchurch, we teach our children to become historians through an enquiry-based curriculum, building as many linked learning opportunities and real-life experiences into this as possible. 


History topics are built around bespoke enquiry questions which generate children's interest and stimulate their inquisitive minds about different periods of history. Throughout the academic year, each class will learn a history topic based on the local area, a topic based in Great Britain and a global history topic. 


Each of the topics/historical enquiries taught can be found in the overview below. 

Our history intent:


  • We aim to deliver a high quality history curriculum that ignites children's curiosity about exploring the past, including their own history, British history and history of the wider world.

  • We aim to inspire children to find out more about people and events from the past and equip them with the skills they need to ask questions, think critically, weigh evidence, and develop their historical perspective and judgment.

  • As well as developing children's historical knowledge there is also a strong emphasis on developing age appropriate understanding of chronology, historical interpretation and the skills of historical enquiry using a variety of sources.

  • We aim to provide children with hands on experiences and opportunities to explore the History of their local environment and community as much as possible.

  • History is taught through carefully selected topics that are designed to develop our children's interests in an engaging and motivating approach with cross-curricular opportunities.

  • We follow a planned progression of skills and knowledge, which relate to the objectives set out in the National Curriculum and EYFS Development Matters (Understanding the World), to ensure that children are embedding and building upon their learning as they move through each year group.