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At Dymchurch Primary School, we follow a fast-paced, rigorous, structured Phonics programme called Read Write Inc. Developed by Ruth Miskin, Read Write Inc. helps get every child reading quickly and gives teachers the confidence and skills to deliver high-quality Phonics lessons every day. During lessons, a range of approaches are used to instil a love of reading. Read Write Inc. uses age-appropriate materials with proven results for all readers; the catch-up programme ensures every child succeeds.


Our Intent


  • Children in Reception and KS1 receive daily Phonics teaching delivered at an appropriate pace to support and promote their individual reading journey.
  • Children in Reception and KS1 take home phonetically decodable ‘Book Bag Books’, which help develop fluency and promote reading confidence.
  • As part of Phonics teaching, children are provided the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills; children learn to enjoy reading from the outset.
  • As children become emergent writers, they are supported to master correct letter formation alongside sound accumulation.
  • In the EYFS, Phonics is supplemented through shared Storytime and linked opportunities throughout the provision. Children at the start of their learning journey are immersed in a language rich education so that they understand the words they will soon be able to read for themselves.
  • All children achieve in Phonics, with identified children, including those in KS2, supported to do so through a tutoring programme tailored to their individual needs.
  • Phonetic development continues to be supported throughout KS2 using the RWInc. spelling programme.
  • There is a consistent approach towards the teaching of Phonics at Dymchurch Primary School, with all staff receiving the same high-quality Phonics training and support.
  • Both children and teachers have access to high quality Phonics and reading resources regardless of their age/stage in school. 


Since 2019, Dymchurch Primary School has benefitted from support from Kingsnorth English Hub.

Year 1 Phonics Screening Check


The national Phonics Screening Check was introduced in 2012 to all Year 1 pupils. It is a short, statutory assessment to ensure that children are making sufficient progress in the phonics skills to read words and are on track to become fluent readers who can enjoy reading for pleasure and for learning.


The check consists of a list of 40 words, half ‘real’ words and half ‘nonsense’ words; the nonsense words will be shown to your child with a picture of an alien. This not only makes the check a bit more fun, but provides the children with a context for the nonsense word which is independent from any existing vocabulary they may have.




The attached links and documents will help you support your child/ren at home. 


Please speak to your child's class teacher if you would like additional information or have any further questions.